Girl, Just “work at it”!

We women are taught to “work” at a relationship, because we assume men don’t want to do any work. We think we need to do more to create the intimacy and connection we want.

The truth is that what does work is being totally authentic, totally you, totally speaking the truth WITHOUT making him responsible for anything you feel – and yet, at the same time keeping your heart completely open and warm to him.

Let’s comment on this subject that Regina and I talked about today. Leave your comments.


One comment

  1. regina scott · January 29, 2016

    Well said Lisa, women need to be honest with their husband about their feeling as well as being themselves. Women give respect but very seldom receive it back, especially from their spouse. Husbands treat their wives like property as if they own them. Love, appreciation, respect, support, security and kinds is what wives desire from their husbands. Men and women need to look to The Lord concerning love and marriage and apply it and watch the divorce rate demolish, not drop but destroyed. Let go of pride and take hold of joy, peace and love….

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